Granite countertops

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Add elegance and value to your home by installing a new granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is known for its durability; you can chop your vegetables on your granite countertop without scratching it!  We seal it to protect it from being stained or damaged, and you will love how easy it is to maintain.

You can choose from a number of finishes, because granite is made up of crystals that create a variety of colors. The most common color is gray, bgranite colorsut it can also be in shades of white, black, pink, or orange, and sometimes green, blue or brown. Finishes can affect the final look, too. You will be able to choose a granite countertop that fits your kitchen or bath design.

The granite counter tops that they installed were the perfect addition to my home. Quick, efficient, and professional throughout the whole process. — Sam Wright, Troy

counter with backsplash
counter with backsplash